The North Van Arts Group was founded in 2013 by North Vanson, a self-taught artist, self-proclaimed hippie, and owner of a VW van that he hand painted and named Dolly. North has always had a passion for art in its every form; from painting, to drawing, to dance, to photography, and even to tattooing – if it’s artful, North loves it. In 2013, North decided to form a group with friends, family, and fellow artists – Naming it the North Van Arts Group. Our group travels the world in search of the best art, the best artists, the best exhibitions, etc. We also put on art shows, classes, exhibitions, and have even recently opened up our own art school dedicated to honing the skills and talents of aspiring artists. Art is all around us, in every facet of our lives – some is clearly visible, and some needs a North Vanson touch to be seen.