Hello there and good morning fellow artists!

 I would like to shift our normal blog focus this morning from our usual art related article, and place the spotlight today on Terre Haute Wrecker Services.

The North Van Arts Group was recently returning home from an art exhibition in Indiana (by the way, the art exhibition was a blast, we met some great people, witnessed some amazing artwork, and were able to sell a good amount of art)—when suddenly our van experienced a tire blowout.

The blowout caused the driver to lose control of the van and we went violently off the side of the road.




Thankfully, no one was injured, other than our beautiful van, but this is where the amazing people with Terre Haute Wrecker Services get the spotlight.

After calling around for quotes, we were eventually connected with Terre Haute Wrecker Services, based out of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Not only were they by far the most courteous, respectful, and affordable, but they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that not only did we get back on the road safely, but that we were also well taken care of during the entire process.

The technician who was dispatched to our location was apparently informed ahead of time of what to expect, and came prepared—bringing boxes of donuts and hot cocoa for everyone in the van to occupy us while he worked on the van.

In a little under an hour, he had a new tire on our wheel, the wheel straightened out, the bumper and fender damage straightened out, and he guaranteed that we would be safe to drive to our destination.

He also recommended a reputable auto body shop near home that would work out a great deal on getting the remaining body work taken care of.

Needless to say, without the assistance of Terre Haute Wrecker Services, we would have been up the creek without a paddle – or maybe in our case it would have been in the gallery without a paintbrush?

Either way, we are truly indebted to you, Terre Haute Wrecker Services, and you were more than deserving of our spotlight feature of the week.

Thank you again for…well…being you!

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